October 2017
2017 ITF of B.C. Championships

23 Events entered 23 Medals!!!!

Medalists                                   SPARRING                  PATTERNS

Joseph Abeleda                           SILVER                          SILVER

Justin Abeleda                               GOLD                            GOLD

Taylor Betts                                       N/A                         SILVER

Albert Cheng                                 SILVER                        SILVER

Lindsey Crawford                         SILVER                           GOLD

Jerome Hsieh                                SILVER                        BRONZE

Brenen Kim                                    GOLD                            GOLD

Jaden Lee                                       SILVER                           GOLD

Avid MakareM                                GOLD                        BRONZE

Adrian Smith (Riverside TKD)      SILVER                       BRONZE

Leo Thompson-Fowles                  SILVER                       BRONZE

Tessa Vitale                                     GOLD                         BRONZE                            GOLD



























February 28th 2013

Black Belt Promotions

Congratulations to Ms. Alex Vrzal, Ms. Samantha Betts and Mr. Kevin Betts on their promotions.

Ms. Vrzal - Fifth Degree Black Belt
Ms. Betts - Second Degree Black Belt
Mr. Betts- Second Degree Black Belt

Their examination was conducted by Master Lipscombe and Mr Law International and consisted of Patterns, Step Sparring, Free Sparring, Power Test, Special Technique and theory.




January 26th-27th 2012

ITF Umpire Course , Queens New York

On January 26th, Mr Law attended the  Class A Umpire Qualifying Course in North America.  The course was hosted by Master Suarez 8th DAN (Member of the ITF Umpire Committee) and conducted by Master Kurt Ottesen ( Member of the ITF Umpire Committee) and introduced the ITF competition rules that were introduced January 2013. 

Thank you to Master Suarez and Master Ottesen for a wonderful and informative course.



November 13th 2012

Self Defence seminar with Master Ottesen

On November 13th the Pacific Rim hosted it's second self defense and technical workshop with Master Kurt Ottesen 7th Degree Black Belt. Master Ottesen covered a wide range or situations as well as explained the theory behind self defense.

We'd like to thank Master Ottesen for sharing his knowledge with our students and instructors.



September 10th 2012

Senior Promotions

We'd like to congratulate our Chief instructor  Mr. Hal Lipscombe on his promotion to 7th DAN Master.

Master Lipscombe was promoted September 10th 2012 following the 75th IIC in Puerto Plata,

The examination panel consisted of Grand Master Hector Marano ( 9th Dan Chairman of the ITF Technical Committee and Grand Master Ung Kim Lan ( 9th Dan ITF Technical Committee member)

Congratulations sir!



September 10th 2012

75TH International Instructors Course, Puerto Plata

The International Taekwon-Do Federation held its  75th International Instructors course this weekend in Puerto Plata, DR  The seminar hosted participants from all over the world such as Canada, Jamaica, Anguilla, USA, Puerto Rico Italy, Colombia and Peru .Taking part in this event were: Mr. Lipscombe and Mr. Law. The Course was taught by the ITF Technical Committee headed by Grandmaster Hector Marano ( 9th Degree Blackbelt, Chairman of the Technical Committee), and Grand Master Ung Kim Lan (9th Degree Black Belt, head coach of the German National team.

We'd like to thank The ITF Technical Committee for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with the Pacific Rim instructor. We'd also like to thank Mr. Norberto Taveras and his team for a wonderful seminar.




April 20th- 22nd 2012

Senior Promotions

We'd like ton Congratulate Mr. Corey Schellenberg and Mr. Rod Johnson on their promotion to 6th Degree Black Belt.

The examination was conducted during the 72nd IIC in Richmond, BC and was presided by Master Pierre Laquerre, 8th DAN CTFI Technical Director


April 20th- 22nd 2012

Pacific Rim and Freedom Taekwon-Do Host 72nd International Instructors Course

The 72nd ITF international Instructors Course was held in Richmond BC on the weekend of April 20th. The course was hosted by the Pacific Rim Institute of Taekwon-Do and Freedom TaeKwon-Do Schools.

Over 120 participants from Canada, Jamaica , Anguilla and Italy enjoyed the seminar that was hosted by the ITF Technical Committee consisting of Grand Master Hector Marano 9th DAN, Grand Master Wim Bos 9 th DAN and Special guest Master Clint Norman 8th DAN. Also in attendance was Master Pierre Laquerre, 8th DAN CTFI Technical Director.

The sessions consisted Patterns, Chonji - Tong Il, Step Sparring, Free Sparring and Self Defence.

We'd like to thank the ITF Technical Committee and the ITF for giving us the opportunity to host this prestigious event.




.Mr. Law and Mr. Blom at 2013 ITF Worls Championships. Spain